Pusat Riset Nanoteknologi


Pusat Riset Pengembangan Institusi Nanoteknologi dan Graphene named Nanotechnology and Graphene Research Center (NGRC) is a research center at Directorate of Research and Community Development, Universitas Padjadjaran. NGRC was established for the need of multi disciplines approaches in Nano Technology development. Nanotechnology Research Group (NTRG) was initially established in year of 2005 at Department of Physics merely focus on synthesis of nanomaterials for luminescence applications through various research financial support such as from Directorate of Higher Education, Ministry of Research and Technology, and Indonesia Toray Science Foundation, Loreal Science Foundation. Many equipments supporting the synthesis and dispersion of nanomaterials were developed when received the research financial support under PUNAS Scheme (National Research Excellent Scheme) of Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education.

Since year of 2013, NTRG was determined to be a research laboratory named Laboratory of Instrumentation System and Functional Material Processing (well-known as eSPe Lab) at Department of Physics.  Many collaboration was established with Industries and also laboratories/Faculties within the University and others local University and abroad. Within the university we established a research collaboration from Petrography Lab., Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Husbandry, Faculty of Agriculture, and Faculty of pharmacy. From other university, we established collaborations with Corrosion Laboratory Institute Technology of Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), Thermal Fluid Engineering and Material Processing Hiroshima University, Chemical Engineering Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture Technology dan Dept. of Resources and Environmental Engineering, Waseda University. While the industries are  PT. Grafindo Nusantara, PT. Trans Sulawesi Tenggara, PT. Trans Sulawesi Sejahtera, PT. Trans Jawa Sulawesi, PT. Ultimate Carbometal Nusantara Dua,     PT. Carbonindo Nusantara Jaya, PT. Gunung Sabak, PT. Wali Mining, PT. Latambaga Raya, PT. Lasolo Karya Sejahtera PT. Eagle Rich Nusantara  and PT. Mekongga Sejahtera.

In order to enhance the spectrum of multi disciples, widener the applications and also national and international collaborations, the development of nanotechnology institution was proposed at University level. Thus, in year of 2014 the Institutional Research Center of Nanotechnology and Graphene was finally established (SK Rektor No. 3761/UN6.RKT/Kep/HK/2015).




Jl. Raya Bandung Sumedang KM-21, Jatinangor, Sumedang,
West Java, Indonesia.

Contact Person

Prof. Dr. Eng. I Made Joni, M.Sc


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